Iberian Lynx Cub

"The IBERIAN LYNX is a critically endangered feline species living in the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain).

According to the conservation group SOS Lynx, if the Iberian lynx died out, it would be the first feline species to become extinct since prehistoric times."

source: wikipedia

Your contribution will be channeled to support the breeding centers in Portugal and Spain, in order to balance the Lynx's adult population.

Athlete Catarina Santos

CATARINA SANTOS is a 12 year old athlete who became Tetraplegic due to a fall during Trampolining practice in 2014.

Proper surgery will hopefully help Catarina to get back on her feet but it is a very expensive procedure. Her mother, physiotherapist, is now dedicated 24/7 to minimize the damage.

Your contribution will be channeled to support Catarina's recovery path.