The following testimonials are based on Tripadvisor reviews, Facebook reviews and private messages.

#1 \ Rose, Germany

"My time with Luis on his motorcycle was incredibly cool, actually the highlight of my time in Lisbon!

His ride united fun and excitement with the speed, the possibility to get everywhere you like and the cool and interesting explanations about the amazing city of Lisbon. Also not to forget - his lovely company is a plus, as he is super attentive, charming and really great to have an intelligent and funny conversation with – the perfect gentleman. And all this in really good English.

Every moment I felt safe as he seems to know what he is doing and he gives good instructions. I will tell everybody I know who wants to go to Lisbon about this!!!! :)"

#2 \ Yulia, USA

"Lisbon Motorcycle Rides tour is highly recommended for anyone who wants to get an intimate feel of Lisbon. This is not your average "tourist trail" tour.


I only had a short time in Lisbon, and would not have been able to experience the city the way I did without this tour, which combined the thrill of the ride with the great and fast access to local spots.

It is an experience well worth the taking, and one you won't forget soon!"

#3 \ Laure, France

"I had the chance to visit Lisbon with Luis on his motorcycle! He explains a lot of interesting facts about Lisbon!

Plus, moving with his bike permits to access rapidly to multiple places where the view is completely different and beautiful! He's a careful driver and I felt safe with him!

Thank you so much for the trip!"

#4 \ Stefanija, Lithuania

"That was unforgettable experience which brings just the best memories to my mind! Exploring Lisbon hills, cozy streets and amazing panoramic views on a back of motorbike - it's experience which everyone is worth to have while travelling!

That's a quick and at the same time exciting way to feel the real life of charming city. Combining "must to see" touristic places with amazingly cozy not so well know squares Luis lets to feel you as a local! Moreover, Luis can give even more interesting rides around the city.

Ride to Cascais was one of best in whole trip - just feeling the wind and enjoying view to the ocean. What can be better?!"

#5 \ Ksenya, Russia

"The best way to discover charming Lisbon! I agree with Luis-there are thousands of touristic transport in Lisbon, but only motorcycle rocks!

Don't hesitate to join Luis for as many hours for ride as possible - not only he is a careful and caring driver, but also a wonderful guide who can answer a your question!"

#6 \ Eni, USA

"This was one of the most exciting things I got to do in Lisbon. I had never ridden a motorcycle before and Luis and Pedro were the best tour guides and drivers you can ask for!

My friend and I got to experience all the best spots in Lisbon that we would have otherwise probably not have found on our own. I recommend this to anyone visiting Lisbon.

It's such a funner alternative to walking tours and the drivers are very knowledgeable about their city!"

#7 \ Veru, Czech Republic

"Had an absolutely awesome motorcycle tour in Lisbon city even if it lasted only three hours.. unfortunately! However I have had a lovely time, have seen many nice places and Luis's company was great.

Very appreciate the way of an active communication so I could have seen things I was interested the most. I truly recommend this motorcycle experience and I hope I could join it at least one more time. ;) Thanks again."

#8 \ Stjepana, Croatia

"I really loved the moto tour!! It is really a great idea, you get to visit the most important parts of the city in just a bit over one hour time, and Luis was very nice and a pleasant company.

I recommend the ride to everyone interested in having a basically all-incompassing Lisbon tour and enjoy the city at its best :) Luis, thanks once again!"

#9 \ Inna, Romania

"I had a very busy agenda on my visit to Lisbon so, meeting you was a perfect coincidence. We really had a great time and it's amazing how we got to see so many nice places in such little time.

You guys rock!;)

Inna, Ramona & Cami"

#10 \ Annie, USA

"It could not be a better experience! Coming out of that ship with such a gorgeous view over the city and meeting such a terrific nice guy was just the beginning of a great (too short) time in Lisbon.

I was really sad before finding you because all my friends told me how amazing is the city and all the magic would pass me by if it weren't for you!

I'll definitely miss Lisbon!

I looooooved it!

#11 \ Jessica, France

"Hi Luis! It was a real pleasure to have met you.

First I was a little scared to go on a motorcycle for the first time, with a total stranger, but you really have a touch for this tours and I felt very comfortable!

Thank you for all! I enjoyed talking to you and that ginja drink was great to relax me! I hope I can go back again soon! Merci Luis"

#12 \ Tatiane, Brazil

"Oi gente! Foi bom de mais esse negócio! Adorei! É muito comodo. Aceitamos vossas recomendaçoes e nossa estadia em Lisboa foi um sucesso! As minas adoraram também! Essa cidade é romantica de mais para ter a companhia de homens tao gatos assim... queremos voltar e já sabemos com quem falar, viu? Foi ótimo fazer amizades com gente boa assim!

Beijo gigaaaante direto pra Portugal!"

#13 \ Kayla, USA

"Luis is the best! I had a great time. He is very knowledgeable and knows a lot about his city. I would definitely go back and do it again!"

#14 \ Malvina, Russia

"It was my first motorbiking experience and thanks to Luis it was amazing! He took me to some beautiful wild beaches around Lisbon, we went to Cabo da Roca, and visited Cascais. It wouldn't have been possible without Luis and his motorbike :)"

#15 \ Olja, Croatia

"Lisbon was long time desire of mine, but I only had 2 days to see it and was already panicking how will I make it since I didn't want to miss a thing. Luckily for me one of the super nice 'Lisboans' I met there was Luis. (...) I was thrilled.

I did travel a lot, but never before in any big EU city I came across this kind of motorcycle tourism. It's very quick, personal, flexible and traffic-jam free way to see the city.


I must say that I never rode motorcycle before, but I was not afraid since I felt very safe. This kind of sightseeing really made my Lisbon trip special and I highly recommend it to everyone."